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What is it

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A specially designed delicious nutrition powder for diabetics, Prohance D is rich in dietary fibre and healthy fats.

  • Fibre and Fats

    Fibre and Fats

  • Carbohydrates


  • Proteins


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Why use it

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Prohance D contains slow-releasing Isomaltulose that is slowly absorbed by the body to prevent sudden rise in  postprandial hyperglycemia (PPHG). The fibres in Prohance D create a thick layer in the stomach to prevent cholesterol from being absorbed; they also aid weight loss. Prohance D can be used as a partial meal replacement, 1 serving can be used..

  • Before a major meal
  • As a breakfast replacement
  • As an evening snack
  • As a healthy bedtime snack


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  • Prohance Nutrients

    Nutritionally complete and balanced formula for diabetics

  • Prohance Nutrients

    Ideal to regulate diabetes and manage weight

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  • Glucose

    Low GI value for slow digestion aiding slower rise in blood glucose

  • Prohance Nutrients

    Goodness of protein along with essential nutrients

* Refer the actual pack

for use

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  • Step 1

    Prohance Direction to Use Step 1

    Take 175 ml of drinking water.

  • Step 2

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    Add 6 leveled scoops (Approx. 50 gm) of Prohance D powder.

  • Step 3

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    Stir continuously until dissolved and consume immediately

Recommended serves per day - 2 times or as advised by Physician or Dietician. Available in 2 flavours & 2 packs

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Your health, in your hands

Managing diabetes effectively is the solution to get a new lease on your lifestyle. And the journey can be fun, easy and delicious! Prohance D is specially formulated nutritional product available in two flavours to help you make an intelligent meal replacement choice. It’s food that feels like a warm hug and takes care of your needs inside out.

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